K-9 Veterans' Day  March 9, 2013


 K-9 Veterans Day Certificate of Proclamation


The K-9 Veterans' Day event this year was a huge success with about 250 people and 40 K-9's attending. Several K-9 organizations spoke on the unique abilities of well trained K-9's in their field of duty.

March 13 is the official day we set aside to Recognize and Honor K-9's that serve and protect us here and aboard.

The event started with the playing of Military branch music to gather the crowd.

We recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation was given by Col. Mindy Albright, USAF.

An overview of Military Working Dogs from WWI to current conflict in Afghanistan was given by
Phil Weitlauf, US Army (vet).

Vietnam combat veteran discussed his experience on the front lines with his scout dog was given by Don St Amant USMC (vet).

K-9 Veterans' Day proclamation update was given by Ken Reynolds, US Army (retired).

Michigan State Police K-9 Unit discussed training and duties of a police dog was given by Officer McCaul.

Oakland County Sheriff's K-9 Unit discussed the increased use of K-9's in their district and the relationship between officer and his/her dog was given by Officer Loken.

Michigan Search and Rescue group, along with 4 K-9's, spoke about their special training and abilities. Leader Bonnie VanSpronsen.

A dedication to Sgt. Sparks with unavailing his headstone was given by Phil Weitlauf, US Army (vet).

A wreath was placed at the foot of the War Dog Monument by Col. Scott Hiipakka, US Army (active) and Lt. Ray Clinard, Milford Police.

We finished the event with rendition of Taps,
given by Bear Hall, USMC (vet).

It was a great day.  




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