K9 Alex


K-9 Alex, Novi Police Department's K-9 Unit
K-9 Alex was born in the Netherlands in 2006. He completed the Oakland County K-9 Patrol Dog Academy and was certified as a narcotic detection, tracking, building and article search and patrol dog in 2008 and assigned to the Novi Police Department's K-9 Unit with handler Officer Robert Manar. K-9 Alex was credited with finding many different types of narcotics, most notably locating over four kilograms of cocaine. K-9 Alex assisted in many arrests in the Novi area. He also received a life saving award by tracking and finding a suicidal woman in the woods in the middle of January. K-9 Alex worked with the DEA and Sonic on raids. In 2012 K-9 Alex developed degenerative myelopathy and was retired. Over the course of two years the disease took over. On April 18, 2014 K-9 Alex died in the arms of Officer Manar. The Michigan War Dog Memorial will inter K-9 Alex on June 21, 2014 at 2:00pm with full honors. The public is invited.
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