MWD Chyan, -  D233, PEDD a Belgium Malinois, was born in Germany on May 01,1999. At the age of two years old Chyan entered K-9 basic training at Lackland Air Force base. MWD Chyan completed his training and was certified as a explosive detection, scout, tracker and patrol dog.  Chyan was at the top of his class and was sent to Camp Pendleton, California for addition training in "Special Operations".  In 2002 he was assigned to "Special Ops" and from this date to 2010 his service records was unattainable. What is known, is that during this time frame MWD Chyan was  positioned in many areas of Europe, he was in Antwerp, Belgium, Germany, Bosnia, in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan several times.

This breed is the preferred by the US Navy Seals and US Army Delta Forces. They have the same characteristics of German Shepherds but are smaller, about 50-55 Ibs, smooth coat and muscular. The Mals are more suitable for HALO jumps. They are strapped to the soldiers chest and jump out of airplanes. This is one of the duties that Chyan might have been called to do during his tours with Ops.

At the age of 11 years old and maturing Chyan was reassigned to the 92nd Detachment MP's in Bosnia and worked with Sgt. Hiller in security.

In the fall of 2011 the Veterinary Corp retired MWD Chyan and he was adopted by Father Stephen Rooney and the Sisters of "Our Lady on the River" parish that's located in Marine City, Michigan.

This was so fitting for such a brave and heroic Military Working Dog, that has been through so much, to live out the rest of his life in an abundance of love and affection at the parish.

On May 01, 2014 Father Stephen Rooney and the Sisters threw Chyan a big blast 15th birthday party with special treats and party favors. Four days later Chyan past on.

He may no longer walk the grounds of the parish, but will forever live in the hearts of those who loved and cared for him.

As a K-9 angel, rest in peace Chyan, at the right hand of God, until you are reunited with your loved ones, once again.

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